Sex is the need of everyone’s life but not a necessity. It relieves mental stress and also rejuvenates the body. It plays a very important role in our lives. When Sexual intimacy is done with calmness it provides more pleasure and satisfaction.

How to Start a Sexual Intercourse ?

First of all, you need to play around with your partner and make them feel how much you love them and how much you want them at that moment. Start with a few kisses on your partner’s body. Try to kiss the most sensitive parts of their body like the lips, earlobes, neck, collarbones, nipples, breasts, navel, thighs, lower back. Once you start kissing sucking on suck sensitive parts, your partner will herself turn on and get sexually excited and ask you more to love her.

How to carry it on further?

Now as your partner has turned on and feeling sexually excited, it’s the right time for you to go to the next level. Always remember that you should not be in a hurry for the climax. Try to keep making her feel more excited and love you back on her own. Keep it as smooth as possible and help her reach the orgasm by just doing some foreplay with her. Once you get to know that she is about to reach the orgasm then it’s the right time for you to enjoy the most with her.

Sexual Climax (Penetration)

As you have already gone through the foreplay and made her reach the orgasm and you also want the final intercourse with her then you should start the penetration very smoothly and carry on very slowly. You should let her enjoy the penetration as well and ask her if she is happy with the insertion. Keep the penetration inflow and gradually increase the speed of penetration. Remember to breathe properly and don’t take any kind of stress in such a situation so that you can enjoy the intercourse. So now as you have achieved sexual satisfaction and also your partner is fully satisfied with you, it’s time for a happy cuddle and a good sleep.