Unwanted 72  is an emergency contraceptive tablet which is used in case of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is used by women as an emergency contraceptive medicine. Unwanted 72 is an abortion pill that is used for birth control. This medicine provides a safe and effective way to prevent an unintended pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure


  • Emergency contraception

How Unwanted 72 tablet works

Unwanted 72 contains Levonorgestrel as a major ingredient and it belongs to the category of progestins. This medicine helps in preventing pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse or failure of the usual method of contraception.


How to use Unwanted 72

  • Take one tablet as soon as possible, not later than 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure or as directed by the physician.

When to Use Unwanted 72

It can be used in the following conditions:

  1. Unprotected Sex
  2. Contraceptive failure
  3. Improper use of your regular birth control method

Quick tips for Unwanted 72 Tablet:

  • This tablet works as an emergency birth control pill that has a strong dose of hormones. So, do not use it on a regular basis and use it only for emergency purposes.
  • As Unwanted 72 tablet is an emergency contraceptive pill, you should not mistake it for abortion pills.
  • If you do not get your periods within three weeks after using this medicine, it is wise to do a pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant.
  • If you vomit within three hours of taking this pill, then take another pill as soon as possible. This is because vomiting does not let the constituents of the pill get absorbed by the body which can render the pill ineffective.
  • These pills are not 100% effective in the prevention of pregnancy.
  • These pills do not work if pregnancy has already occurred.
  • Emergency pills do not protect against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Condoms should always be used to prevent these diseases as they are safe and effective methods of contraception.




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