Funtime Capsules For Women Sex


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10 Capsules in 1 Strip


Funtime Capsules For Women Sex capsule is used to increase women sex power. This capsule is made up of ayurvedic herbs which helps to increase the sexual excitement naturally.

Funtime Fem Capsules offers a unique combination in which Ashwagandha is a proven stress buster that reduces the mood swings & stress. Shatavari & Gokhru regulates the Estrogen as well as other hormone; Gokhru increases blood circulation to vaginal and uterine tissues & vitamins with mineral regulates metabolism. Funtime Fem Capsules, female stamina booster pills help in reversing the ill-effects of ageing, diet, diseases & lifestyle and not only help women in regaining lost sexual will power but achieve much higher level of virility, vitality & arousal with stimulated natural lubrication.


Increase Sex Power

How To Use Funtime Capsules For Women Sex

Take this capsule with milk or water. It is advised to take it after food for best results.